Day 22: Woodbine, GA — Yulee, FL

Oct 22, 2014 • 26.1 miles

Florida state line

Today is really a combination rest and celebration day. There are plenty of people who’ve heard I’m “skateboarding to Florida,” and as far as they’re concerned, I’ve done it!

The morning was easy, some Georgia back roads and then the 17, over a big blue bridge (which was closed until recently, according to the ECG) into the sunshine state. I continued along the 17 until Yulee. This stretch was also recently paved, but they hadn’t gotten to the shoulders yet. After I passed an active construction zone where only one lane could go at a time, it was walking when traffic was going my way and skating on fresh asphalt with the lane to myself when they weren’t.

Last night at a gas station in Woodbine, I found a single can of Rockstar Cola, which I’m pretty sure was discontinued a long time ago. Either way, I bought it and carried it with me across state lines and right past the agricultural inspection stop. That’s who I am, you guys: I’ll celebrate with an expired energy drink instead of champagne. It didn’t even spray when I opened it, despite bumping along for all those miles.

As a final weird celebration, I walked three miles each way to the town shopping center to mail home all my camping gear. I’m in a vacation state, may as well go into vacation mode and spend my nights in beachside rooms somehow. Plus, my pack feels essentially weightless as a result. Everything’s coming up Brian!