Day 20: Richmond Hill — Darien

Oct 20, 2014 • 47.8 miles

Some creek bed

Today’s route had only two directions: go south on 17 for thirty miles, then turn left at 99 and take it into Darien. It made the day somewhat monotonous, to the point where I even yawned once or twice.

The motel where I stayed last night was on 17, so I began the day right in heavy traffic. I was complimenting myself for being able to do so, but then no fewer than three people passed me on bikes. In the shoulder. Dressed as if they were doing it for morning exercise, definitely not carrying any gear. Sure put me in my place.

At the one intersection where I had to turn, I stopped at a gas station for a gatorade. There was a dollar bill on the floor of the store, which I pointed out to the guy behind the counter. He asked if it was mine, and I said no, so he came out from behind the counter and picked it up. He then bought himself a mega millions lottery ticket with it, ringing up the sale and everything. If he wins, I’ll kick myself.

All of highway 99 was recently paved. How recent? I ran into the construction crew doing final touch ups about ten miles in. Some gave me thumbs-up, others asked out loud what I was thinking. Still got it!

With the glass-smooth road surface, light traffic, and overcast sky, I day dreamed a lot for those miles on 99. My legs were on auto pilot, which may come back to bite me. I maintain that I’m too far in to consider alternating legs again, but the right one is going to come out of this looking and feeling unusual for sure.