Day 19: Guyton — Richmond Hill

Oct 19, 2014 • 36.9 miles

Pooler Parkway shoulder

Another day all on roads, and another quick day thanks to good Georgia road conditions. Though, I did get honked at more times today than any other day this trip. For a while, I wondered if my pack had burst open or something.

The first 13.5 miles flew by in one and a half hours, without needing to stop or even walk. That’s by far my record pace for this trip, and at the same time, only 9mph. Oh well!

After Bloomingdale, the ECG goes into Savannah and comes back on the same route before going south. So I’d planned on skipping Savannah to avoid covering the same ground twice. But I didn’t know how to read a map when I planned my route, and had to improvise my way south today. It led me to the Pooler Parkway, which had grooved pavement in the shoulder. The first setback of the state!

I made it through that segment quickly enough on foot, then turned onto the Atlantic Coastal Highway. It had a bike lane just for me for a few miles! Still, the thing about skating next to highway traffic (whether in a dedicated lane or on the shoulder) is that I implicitly trust every driver with my life. Even more so when there’s no shoulder and I have to be in their lane. I know as a driver I’ve gotten distracted and veered onto the shoulder, briefly going over the same rumble grooves I walked on today. Really makes me appreciate those don’t text and drive PSAs.

Turns out the Atlantic Coastal Highway is my old nemesis, highway 17, in disguise. I’ll continue on it for 30+ miles tomorrow. Inching ever closer to that Florida border.