Day 35: Long Key — Marathon

Oct 13, 2016 • 20.3 miles

Grassy Key

Best laid plans, and whatever. I’m calling today a functional rest day, since I’d planned on shorter mileage to give me time to explore the Old Seven Mile Bridge and Pigeon Key. But, the old bridge is closed to pedestrians until April or something, and the last ferry to Pigeon Key left about twenty minutes before I arrived. And yeah, I could’ve looked this all up ahead of time and planned better, but I didn’t! Vacation mode! Who cares!

The skating today was the easiest so far. It might’ve been the two preemptive Advil I took with breakfast, whatever popped in my right hip halfway through like a cracked knuckle, or that my muscles are simply catching up to the demands I’m putting on them. The real Seven Mile Bridge is tomorrow morning!