Day 28: Indialantic — Ft. Pierce

Oct 28, 2014 • 53.4 miles

Sunrise from a penthouse room

Fifty miles! When I watched the sun rise this morning from my baller hotel room, I knew that was ahead of me but didn’t really know what it’d feel like. It could be the distance in general, but I posit that going over thousands of jolting sidewalk cracks caused more aches than some previous days put together.

On the positive side, I got confirmation of double digit speed today! One of those speed limit / your actual speed signs flickered between 10 and 11 as I went by, though it was admittedly on a slight decline. Later, a man out for exercise on his bicycle caught up to me, and said “I’ve been tailing you for a while, you’re going ten to eleven miles per hour!”

Tomorrow will be my last day, and a relatively easy one compared to these last couple (hopefully). Like this morning, I know that’s ahead of me but I doubt I can predict what it’ll feel like to finish.