Day 17: Yemassee — Ridgeland

Oct 17, 2014 • 20.8 miles

95, frontage

A tale of two roads: on the left, I-95 south with two lanes of traffic hurtling forward at 70+ mph; on the right, a frontage road with hardly any traffic in either direction.

Today is what a rest day should be (and maybe will be from now on). Minimal distance with good weather, so there’s no anxiety about reaching the end before sunset or exhaustion. Even though over half of it was walking due to gritty roads, my mood was as positive as it’s been.

I met my first fellow ECG traveler on the frontage road. He snuck up behind me on his bike, carrying only two small panniers and a tent. He slowed his pace to match mine, neither of us stopping altogether. We exchanged hellos but not names, starting and ending points. He’s going the entire way, having already traveled from the north end of Maine and bound for Key West. He was still impressed that I’d come a fraction of his distance, via skateboard. And then like that, we wished each other well and he accelerated past me back to his normal speed.