Ten Years of iTunes

On August 5th, 2003, I prepared my new laptop to take to college, importing all my MP3s from the family computer into iTunes. Ten years later, I no longer have that laptop, but I’ve transferred my iTunes library from computer to computer in such a way that the play counts and dates added never reset. So now I have ten solid years of iTunes usage data.

I got all the data into a spreadsheet by enabling all the necessary columns in iTunes’ “Songs” view, selecting all, and copying and pasting. The track length times had to be converted from “time of day” to actual time lengths but otherwise everything was that easy. A few caveats: it’s unclear how much play count data is imported from iPods and iPhones (to say nothing of listening I did on work computers), there were a few times iTunes was left running without me listening, and I clearly have immature taste in music.


First Song Added: Hands Down by Dashboard Confessional
Last Song Added: Young Blood (Renholdër Remix) by The Naked And Famous

SongsArtistsAlbumsSong Length
4,19358197610d 23h 11m 43s
Total Song PlaysTotal Time Listening
37,90096d 17h 39m 21s
Never Played1 Play>10 Plays>50 Plays>100 Plays

Top 10

Times PlayedSongArtistLengthTime Spent Listening
176Lose ItCartel2:307:20:00
14912:51The Strokes2:266:02:34
140Stay The SameDays Away3:418:35:40
131Seven YearsSaosin3:137:01:23
128The Curse of CurvesCute Is What We Aim For3:247:15:12
125The First SingleThe Format4:259:12:05
121I Want To Hear You SadThe Early November3:317:05:31
118The Best Of MeThe Starting Line4:218:33:18
117Soul Meets BodyDeath Cab For Cutie3:517:30:27
Number of SongsArtist(s)
72All Time Low
65Relient K
60John Mayer
51Minus The Bear
47Death Cab For Cutie, Jack Johnson, The New Amsterdams
46We Are Scientists, Motion City Soundtrack
45The Starting Line, Mae
44Ratatat, Yellowcard
43Guster, The Strokes, Incubus, Jimmy Eat World
Number of PlaysArtist
1,413The Starting Line
924Death Cab For Cutie
922Relient K
828All Time Low
819The Early November
713Jimmy Eat World
591Something Corporate


Music Purchased
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